Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan


Title:     Chinese Essay Learning

Duration :  80 minutes    (2 periods)

Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students would be able to

1    Identity at least 6/10 idioms with the idioms given.

2.   Writing not least than 300 words of Chinese essay.

Future/enhancement learning outcome:

Students would be able to write a proper Chinese essay.

Target Audiences:

27 of Form 4 students in secondary school.

Prior Knowledge:

1.      Students have the knowledge about idioms .

2.      Students can write simple essay.

Teaching Tools/ Media:

 white board,Picture, pps, worksheet, video clip, Facebook, webnodes.


Cooperative Learning


Duration Content/ Activity Teacher's Role Students' Role Learning Tools Remarks
5 minutes 1. Induction set:
-Show video
1. Teacher showing lotus video clip in classroom. Lead students to find out the idiom of the video clip.

1.1 Instruct the students to volunteer to write idiom on board.
1.2. Verify answer.

2. Introduce today lesson : Lotus (荷花).

1. Watch the video clip.
1.1 Write the answer on board.
• Video
• White Board
10 minutes Step 1:
today’s lesson :
1. Learning new lesson.
1.1 Teacher introduce today’s lesson.
1.2 The lesson is an essay written
to express the nostalgic and
passionate feeling of the
author and his family about
towards their lotus plant.
(Students had learned and
read this lesson the day
before, today’s lesson is a
revision about the contents of
the passage.)
1. Listening to the new topic.
Understand and revision
about the passage .


Reading material
(Text book)
10 minutes Step 2 :
Find out the extra terms or idioms
1. Shows the specific terms that can be use to describe lotus. (with pps)


2. Guide students to find out the terms or idioms can be use to describe lotus and making sentences orally.

1. Find out the terms or idioms related to lotus.


2. Making sentences orally.

Power point presentation.  
15 minutes Step 3:
Group Competition

(Find the contents of lesson in the given paragraph)

1. Teacher distribute worksheet,
give instruction about this
1.1. Ask students to be in groups.(Students can choose 3-5 person in a group)
1.2. Discuss about the topic given by teacher.
1.3. Find out the correct contents and write down in the worksheet.
1.4. Duration: 10 minutes
1. Completed task in the time given.

2. Discuss among group members .

3. Representative would
report the answer orally.

Worksheet 1
(different title of the worksheet to each group)
Cooperative Learning
15 minutes Step 4:
Report the result students had found online before lesson .
1. Guide students to report
their finding.
1.1 Ask student to make report about the material they had found online about lotus. before lesson
a. The character of lotus.
b. How to plant lotus.
c.The food and medicine made by lotus plant.
1. Making report.
2. Listen to peers report, take notes.
(Before the lesson, each group had post the material about lotus on the facebook.)
Worksheet 2
(different title of the worksheet to each group)
Cooperative Learning,
Hybrid Learning
20 minutes Step 5:
Writing essay
regarding the material students found online.
1. Guide students to write not least than 200 words essay.
1.1 Write an essay about lotus
with the help of the
material students found
1. Writing essay with the help of the material they had found before lesson.


5 minutes (Ending)   1. Teacher guide students to
summarize what they have learn today.

2. Assign homework.
2.2 Give online Home Work:
Discuss about what
students have learn about
today lesson on the
discussion board on the
facebook group and Teaching
Model website.

1. Summary what they
learned today.
2. Homework: Complete online task as requested in Facebook group.

2.1 Post discussions to
Facebook group at home.

2.2 Other groups members can give comment to the others.

2.3 Students give comment on teacher’s Learning website
Face book group

Teaching Model website

Online Learning