Presentation of Model of Teaching : Social Family.

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  Title:     Chinese Essay Learning Duration :  80 minutes    (2 periods) Objectives: At the end of the lesson, students would be able to 1    Identity at least 6/10 idioms with the idioms given. 2.   Writing not least...

The material searched from internet by students 荷花 (学生找到的网上资料)

 学生分组活动所找到的荷花资料:  www.jswl.cn/course/kczh/it/iis/ztzy/hehua/zhishi_tzxx.htm   荷花的特征习性  , 荷的品种,栽培技术,荷的作用,荷的饮食。  www.fcic.org.tw/860/html/LotusIntro.asp#2 荷花咨询馆   蓮花的釋名 蓮花品種 ...

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Students' essei

06/04/2011 21:33
My students' essei about " Lotus":    (1) Ng Kien Lee 黄建立(4B)  荷花       荷花,又名莲花,水芙蓉等,属莲科多年生水生草本花卉。地下茎产长而肥厚有长节,叶盾圆形。花期六至九月,单生于花梗顶端,花瓣多数,生在花茅托穴内,有红、粉红、白、紫等色,或有采文、相变。坚果椭圆形,种子卵形。荷花种类很多,分观赏和食用两大类。原产亚洲热带和温带地区,我国早在周朝就有栽培记载。     ...